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28 November 2006 @ 07:19 pm
Welcome; How To Use This Community  

Welcome to my mood theme journal, where I will be posting all the mood themes I make.  


It's important to me that I make mood themes people want to use, and I've found that the easiest way to find out what people want is to create polls.  So I often post polls asking you to vote for what you want.  If you want mood themes of a particular fandom or character or episode, the easiest way to request them is to vote in these polls.  You will find some polls listing all the fandoms I currently have the means to make mood themes of and asking you to choose which of them you are interested in.  Other polls focus on a specific fandom and ask you which character(s) or movie(s) or episodes(s) from that fandom you would like a mood theme of.  

Sometimes I will post the polls here, and sometimes I will create the polls elsewhere and put a link here.  I run a number of fandom-specific mood theme communities (e.g. one for Harry Potter mood themes) and I might sometimes create polls there and link to them here.  Either way, you don't need to join anything to vote. 

Request Posts

You can also make specific requests for mood themes you want.  To do so just click here or on the request posts tag.