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29 November 2006 @ 01:54 pm
Rules For Using Mood Themes  
The following rules apply to all mood themes made by [info]tammy_louise, whether posted here at [info]tammys_moods or at any other communities.  They also apply to mood themes posted by other people at the following communities (which all link to this as their rules post):


[x] Credit the maker on your userinfo page.  Making mood themes takes a lot of time and effort, so it's only fair that the people who went to the trouble to provide your mood theme get the credit for doing so.

[x] If you take a mood theme, comment to let the maker know.
  This is not optional; it's not ok to just credit and not comment.  Makers want to know how many people are using their themes.  They also want to know who is using them, to make sure they are getting credit. 

[x] Comment after downloading the theme, in case you decide you don't want to use it after all.  If you add a theme to your memories for later use, remember to comment when you put the theme on your journal rather than when you add it to your memories. 

[x] If a mood theme download link expires, please feel free to ask for a re-upload.
  I will oblige ASAP, and other moodmakers probably will too.

[x] Do not edit the theme or the individual images in any way, unless the maker has stated that you can.
 If you would prefer a particular theme with a different kind of border or in a different size, I would be happy to accommodate people and would prefer to do it myself than have people make their own changes to my hard work.

[x] No hotlinking; upload all images to your own webspace.
  Unless the maker has stated that you can, do not hotlink to their images.  Upload them to your own webspace or a server such as Photobucket.


I know that this is a very contraversial issue in some fandoms, but every community where these rules have been posted is entirely neutral towards all characters and relationships.  I know how strongly the Harry Potter fandom feels about non-canon ships, I know that Meredith Grey is hardly a popular character, and I know that opinions about slash could get pretty heated.  But this isn't the place to discuss how much you hate certain characters or ships or orientations. 

My inclusion of mood themes of non-canon pairings from any fandom is not intended as a slight against the authors who chose which of their characters would have romantic relationships.  I fully respect their right to write whatever they want.  It doesn't even mean that I don't like the canon pairings.  If I make a mood theme of Harry and Hermione it doesn't mean I hate what Jo Rowling has written.  People would be free to interpret
it however they like - whether they ship them as a couple, enjoy their canon friendship or just like those two characters most (frankly, all of those have been true for me at some time).

If I post a Ron/Ginny theme (or Veronica/Keith, Jack/Zoe, Rose/Jackie/Pete etc)  then I seriously hope people wouldn't think I or anyone else ship them!  So the same could be true for any mood themes.  After all, I can only work with what has been shown on the screen.  If two characters have never shown any romantic feelings for each other, then their mood theme can't really suggest that they have. 

I'm not here to judge whether shipping non-canon couples is right or wrong, whether shipping slash pairings is right or wrong - I will be leaving my personal beliefs about such things out of this.  I'm simply here to make mood themes for any and all possible combinations of characters that people want.

The point is, it is against the rules of my communities to leave nasty messages for anyone who posts, takes or requests a mood theme of a character or pairing you don't like or don't agree with.  All mood themes, no hate.